Wednesday, May 27, 2009


"You could have a Christmas or New Year's baby!"

No, no I couldn't. And I wouldn't want one anyway. Every time I tell someone my due date, they get excited and wish a holiday baby on me. Even my mother-in-law. Did she forget I had a c-section the first time? Even people who remembered I had a c-section seem to be surprised I am scheduling another one.

I had a rough delivery with my son, and I do not want to go through that again. Even my OB agrees. We discussed this at a "meeting" we had at 6 weeks: rough pregnancy, rough delivery, rough post partum period--I just want this time around to go as smoothly as possible. I would think everyone else would too. Or at least know that I do.

Sure, I am all for a woman's right to try a VBAC if she wants to. I just never will. I'm over it. I no longer care that I will not be pushing a baby out of my body. My body was not made for it. If my barely 7 lb. son got stuck in my pelvic bone, imagine if my second baby were bigger. And most of all, I would have to go 5 hours away to a different hospital and just wait for labor. No thank you.

This is the pregnancy that I didn't want. It is the one that wasn't supposed to happen. It is the one that I almost terminated. But I am taking the most care of it. I'm not taking a single risk this time around. Give me every medical intervention you've got, doc.


  1. My DH was born 12/31 - he grew up thinking that the fireworks were for his birthday (and his sisters' who was born EXACTLY two years after he was). A friend of mine was born on 12/25 - she doesn't really celebrate Xmas, and can never get together with friends on her b-day. Good luck - I hope you can avoid those two dates! Just cross your legs. ;)

  2. My little bro was also a New Year's Eve baby. My mom made a big deal out of separating his birthday from the holidays (to this day, she does not take kindly on combined Christmas/birthday presents for him). But as he got older, it was fun to have his b-day on NYE (lots of parties!). Especially his 21st!

  3. My birthday is Jan 9 and totally feel like I got the shaft as far as presents go. I know - whaaaaaa, poor me!

    I like this request: "Give me every medical intervention you've got, doc." Girl, I don't blame you ONE BIT.