Sunday, July 5, 2009

14 weeks

"I'm so glad you decided to stay pregnant."

Those were my midwife's first words to me at my appointment on Thursday. I told her I was getting there, and was actually pretty excited, and she just kept going: "You know there's a reason you're pregnant. I am just so happy you are pregnant." I smiled, and I know that's the truth. I really do love that little baby, but it felt so weird coming from someone who is usually so professional. It is weird to see a professional show emotion. Especially when she is the one who took my IUD out (they have to), and when she told me of miscarriage risk, I said, "I don't care. I don't want it. I don't want another one ever." And she very professionally, without judgment, gave me abortion pamphlets and told me to make an appointment with them for aftercare.

She is the one I originally wanted to deliver my son, but once I became high risk, I had to have an OB. I would have had to have one anyway since my delivery turned into a c-section, but for regular appointments, we rotate between the doctors and the midwife. The way she & my doctor have handled all of this have made me gain a whole new respect for the medical profession. My doctor has, on more than one occasion, called just to check in on me. He remembers little anecdotes about me, and during my last pregnancy came in to check on me during one of my appointments even though he wasn't scheduled to see me. He just wanted to say hi and make sure I was doing okay after being released from the hospital after a seizure.

The midwife and this doctor always return my calls instead of a nurse. They are two of the most caring individuals ever. After I deliver this baby and complete all of the care involved, I will definitely be sending them a thank you note, if not something more.

In other news, I got to hear the heartbeat! It was 156. It sounded great, very strong. Nice and healthy. She didn't have to go searching for it at all.


  1. I'm so glad you have such great medical professionals to help you through this journey! I am sure it gives you peace of mind! And woohoo for a strong, healthy heartbeat!! Grow baby, grow!

  2. Hey girlie. I know I'm not on the infamous baby board anymore but I found your blog through another blog I follow! Can't believe you're 14-weeks already! Hope all is going well and S is doing well too!