Friday, July 10, 2009


What kind of IUD did you have?
I had the Copper IUD, brandname Paragard. It does not contain hormones. For more information go to or ask your doctor.

What made you decide to take a pregnancy test?
I had regular 28-day cycles and was 5 days late.

Was your IUD inserted incorrectly?
No. It was inserted perfectly, but it shifted and moved out of my uterus into my cervix. It was removed 3 days after I got my positive home pregnancy test at 5 weeks 3 days gestation. I also had an ultrasound to ensure the pregnancy was viable and only saw a gestational sac.

What is the effectiveness rate for the Paragard IUD?
99.4% which is the same as tubal ligation, surprisingly. I guess we got lucky.

Are you going to sue your doctor?
(This really gets asked!) The thought has never crossed my mind, and I would never do that. He is a great guy, and anyway, you have to sign a waiver stating that you understand the risks involved before you get it inserted. I'm not a money grubber!

What are you doing for future birth control?
I'm getting a tubal ligation with my planned c-section in December.

Were you using any back up methods?
Not at all! Who thinks to do that when they are using an (almost) fail-safe birth control method? Would you?


  1. Can I ask another? Did you have a f/u appointment to make sure it hadn't shifted? I got Mirena last week and I have to go back in 3 months to make sure it hasn't moved. My OB said if it's going to move it usually does so by then.

  2. No. I had one scheduled, but I had been to my dr. so many times for different post partum depression appointments, had my IUD insertion rescheduled so many times, I think he took pity on me and decided not to do an internal. He just asked me if I was having any problems (i.e. discomfort, bleeding) or if it had fallen out.

    My mistake.